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How Learning A Language Can Be Useful?

The purpose of a language is communication. Through the course of human history, various languages have been developed by us for this purpose and these languages has come a long way from being indecipherable groans that indicate danger to marvelous literary works that are able to make a grown man cry. When considering the situation in the modern world after millenniums of evolution, the world has already become a global village and in this global village you get to meet people from various cultural and geographical backgrounds. These individuals not only follow different traditions than ours, but they also speak different languages that one might not be able to understand. This inability to understand a foreign language might prove to be very disadvantageous in certain situation. 

As an example, in a business meeting, the foreign investor might not be able to use a language that you are not familiar with. While there are translation services available at times, knowing the language will add as a positive factor in creating a good impression and getting the investment. Or in a situation when one is travelling to a foreign country, countries such as China where the most of the population do not use languages such as English would require you to learn one of their languages to take the maximum out of the visit. This is a reason to study one of their languages like Cantonese and learn cantonese in Hong Kong.

Most of the world is under the misconception that the most popular language in the world is English, whereas as decided by the number of speakers English is actually in the third place. There are over one billion users of the Chinese language and over four hundred million Spanish users when the English users are limited to a little over three hundred million. These statistics show as to how one should learn a more widely used language such as Spanish or choose to learn chinese Hong Kong because the chances are, out there in the world your English might not be as useful as you thought it is.

Learning is a never ending process, and while there is so much to learn in this world, it is important to direct these learning chances and abilities to something that would prove to be beneficial to us in the future. Learning a language can never go to waste and it would only enable more opportunities in your life while the learning process itself could be a path to wisdom. Therefore it would be ideal if everyone would familiarize themselves with more popular languages that are used in the world.